Refund Policy

Refunding is the last step we take when our sellers become unable to provide replacement of the faulty good a customer has received earlier. A customer can never claim for refund if the replacement is possible.

When We Refund:

  • When the product is out of stock, we return the price of the product along with delivery charges. 
  • If the support panel gets to know that the seller is unable to replace the faulty product with a fresh one of the same model and type within seven workdays despite having it in stock, we take the product return as a claim of refund.
  • A customer can even contact us for the refund if he/she finds the product not useful after confirming or receiving the order. For this, the customer needs to contact us as soon as possible. Our company does not ensure refund in every case of this situation. Selective cases are accepted for refund in this condition.

In some cases, electronics or garment products come with a confirm replacement warranty, and the warranty period is set by the manufacturer itself. We don’t have the rights to take action over the terms set by the manufacturer. If any complaints of such products come to us, we forward it to the manufacturer company and advice our consumers to contact there with their product invoice.

The Process:

The process of claiming a refund is as same as Replacement. Our customers are advised to visit the Return and Replacement Policy (attach the return page link) page for the necessary details.

The Sourcing Mart panel firstly tries for the replacement of the wrong or defected supply. Our commitment is to ensure the replacement of a faulty product within our seven workdays. 

If the replacement is not possible within the committed period, one of our representatives informs about the matter to the customer who bought the product. 

After confirming the customer about refunding, our system takes ten to twelve workdays to return the amount with other charges in the account, which has been used to pay us for the product. The customer can also give an account number in a mail or call to get the money returned if he/she has paid in cash.


For Refunds, Contact at

Phone: 01886655533


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