Privacy Policy

Shopping on Sourcing Mart requires a consumer to give necessary information. Our site clarifies to customers what type of information they need to provide to have our service. We are concerned about our customers’ privacy and security, and so, we follow strong data management to make our platform safe and reliable.

Cookies on Users’ Devices

When a visitor browses our site, we recommend putting our cookies into the device. The cookies we place only information about users’ personal preferences. We collect those data and in the future, highlight those preferable products and terms to make customers’ shopping easy.  Cookies don’t collect any of the device’s data or other browsing histories. It gives information relevant to our site. A customer can also reject cookies to be used while our site is loading on the browser.

Personal Information

We take information from our customers without violating any acts by the country’s ICT ministry, e-CAB, and other registered business and consumer associations. The information we take helps our panel to identify an individual customer and help when being asked.

Contact Number & Mail Address

We save customers’ contact numbers so that we can let them know about any offers or news regarding AHshopper in messages.  We also send promotional ads to our visitors on Facebook, email, and other social media platforms. We collect their mail addresses and contact links while they look for our site and browse our site.

Third-Party Involvement

Personal information and recommendation shared with AHshopper can be given to our certified sellers and delivery supports.  As sellers use this site as a platform to reach customers, we give them the necessary information about their buyers to let them trade.  Along, our team gives data like address, bill, and contact number to the delivery management so that consumers get their orders at their doorstep.  Information is shared with groups and persons officially involved with our business only to let buyers have their products without any issues. Our business partners and associates can’t have access to any personal data of a buyer that should not be revealed.

Payment Methods

Cash on delivery is the method we follow to receive payments for our service. The product receiver can pay for the order through mobile banking or cash. In case if the buyer uses any mobile banking account, we keep the account number in records. We don’t share the account number and information with any third party. We use to refund customers if needed. Also, the number can be used for any service in the near future to the customer.

Other Links & Sites

Any of our website’s pages can contain links that can refer visitors to another site. It is within our services to give links to a company related to us, the seller’s website, and other social media sites. Sourcing Mart doesn’t take responsibility for any other site’s behavior even if it is linked with us.

Shared Contents 

Our site has kept comment sections and blog sections open for all. A customer can share thoughts, opinions, product reviews, after-use experiences, pictures, and much more with us. Sourcing Mart has the right to collect those data and share or highlight them on websites or social media to describe the product quality, do marketing, or something similar.

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