About Us

Welcome to the about page of New Age Technology , where we describe our work policy, service types, customer maintenance, and system management.

Who We Are

New Age Technology is one of the growing companies in Bangladesh that help consumers to get their desired goods without taking a footstep outside of their door. We sell almost every type of essential you need in your daily life.
Our job is to help customers buy products from trusted and renowned manufacturers and suppliers. We not only sell products from local brands but also bring you products from multi-national companies to make sure you don’t need to go to any other place to buy something.
We focus on satisfying each and every customer that visits our site to have a reasonable deal on the good they are looking for. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our business ethics to ensure nobody gets disappointed after getting our service.

Online Shopping in Bangladesh and Sourcing Mart

The concept of online shopping not too old for a third world country like Bangladesh. Though it’s a developing country, people living here still have the habit of shopping by roaming several stores and markets. But from the middle of the last decade, people have started to get internet connection with ease, which has made them use the internet for shopping staying at home.
Many online shops have started to do business by following local sites of developed countries in this area in recent years. Most of them failed due to many reasons like poor communication out of the metropolitan cities, labor shortage, faulty goods, etc. New Age Technology is one of those platforms that can fluently run their business. Our company does the job of bringing shops a consumer’s mobile or laptop. We thrive to be the best site in Bangladesh in giving easier and better shopping experience.

The Role We Play for You

New Age Technology plays a good role as an ideal medium for both buyers and sellers. We eliminate the distance between a consumer and a trader in a beneficial way.
Our company helps a seller to get true customers by positively highlighting the goods and putting them in the appropriate category, which also helps customers reaching to the particular options they are looking for.
Our acts lead both communities in the right direction. We are a salutary platform that ensures fair trades in a short time to keep our commitment.

Our Employees Are There for You

We have dedicated employees in every section who work passionately to bring the best outcome. We don’t negotiate in hiring the best and eligible persons for our business.
We have the right amount of professionals currently working as part-timers and full-timers. All our employees keep communicating with each other to make a chain that ensures our quality service.
From customer support to fast delivery, our workers are determined to finish all tasks flawlessly. They have the right knowledge of maintaining customers and orders, marketing, delivery, and some other sections. Every worker of our team has got the right training and guideline to make New Age Technology the best online platform in Bangladesh for shopping.

Know the Difference

New Age Technology claims to be an exceptional site that looks after every vital side of the service. We are strong and bold on our business ethics and commitments. Unlike other local sites, we are strict at maintaining our quality and delivering the best every time. We make a difference between us and our competitors through hard work and honesty that we keep in every matter.

Compatible Site

Our website is quite fast and compatible with every device. You can browse our site and shop with ease.

Product Sorting

We have kept all our products well-categorized. You can get to your desired goods easily by choosing the right category.

Accurate Description

We describe each of our listed products without any faking anything. We highlight a product’s features well to make sure real customers can reach it.

No Hidden Terms

Our site doesn’t hide any of our terms and conditions. We make our customers aware of every charge and conditions when they purchase something.

Verified Sellers.

Sellers who apply to sell their goods on our site have to go through some verification procedures. A part of our team also checks each product manually before allowing it on our site to ensure the best quality.
All these monumental terms make us the right choice for any person to have a good deal of products without any hidden conditions. We are clear about our policies to make sure our customers don’t have any complaints.

Your Happiness Is Our Satisfaction

We intend to please our customers by helping in their shopping so that they come again and visit our site to buy their daily goods. Reaching consumers’ satisfactory level is the main profit that we can earn from our business.

Super Fast Delivery

We bring you all your ordered products from our site at your door without making any delay. When you order a product, we give you estimated delivery time which we strictly maintain.

Easy Payment

Our company gives every customer the Cash on Delivery feature that makes many people comfortable shopping online. There is also a firm Return policy that makes us exchange a delivered good without charging if the good gets damaged before or during the delivery period.

24/7 Customer Support

The customer care number of our company is always open. You can contact us by calling anytime, as our team members are there for you. We also give the option of emailing us at our official mail address. We always try to fill your expectations from us. We work to eradicate the inconvenience that people face while shopping. “Helping people to grab the best products without hustling” is the best way we can describe our business.

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